Pholcidae are the cellar spiders. As the name suggests, they prefer basements, attics, and corners. They are welcomed residents that feed on insects and use their long legs to wrap prey with speed and precision. When disturbed, they vibrate in their webs. Some species only have 6 eyes.

There are several Pholcus species. One common species, P. phalangioides, is also known as the “daddy-long-legs spider” (not to be confused with the harvestmen commonly called daddy-long-legs). This spider is common inside houses in the United States, parts of Canada, and Europe. It may be an introduced species in the United States. These helpful housemates are a bit untidy at times, but their webs can be gently swept or dusted to remove debris. Females are 7 to 8 mm, males are 5 to 6 mm, and legspans are 35 to 50 mm.

Pholcus species