Dysdera crocata is a unique spider with long chelicerae, specially adapted to hunting isopods (sowbugs, pillbugs, or woodlice). Females are 11 to 15 mm and males are 9 to 10 mm. This species occurs in the eastern United States and can be found under logs, rocks, etc. where they hide in silken retreats. I’ve found them indoors in the winter a couple times. The first time I tried to raise babies they all died. The second time they carried on for two generations until I ended up with one adult male (pictured below), who I eventually released so he could look for a lady. “CB” means “captive bred”.


Dysdera crocata - woodlouse hunter

Dysderidae are the woodlouse hunters. These spiders only have six eyes and, unlike most of the other spiders in the midwest, females do not have a hard genital plate.